Vineyeard BABE

There is a hidden vineyard somewhere above the historic town of Trogir. Perched atop the hill called Babe, it overlooks the entire central Dalmatia archipelago. This is one of the most breath taking views on the Adriatic Coast. And there is no one around to spoil the silence. Ten minutes from the seaside but so far away from its crowded places…

Babe vineyard grows 100.000 grapevines which produce some of Dalmatia`s finest red and rose wines.

Vina Kairos is the name for these wines.


It all started in 2007 on a 13 hectare plot of land which had previously been uncultivated and rocky. One family and their friends felt there was something deeply satisfying in producing wine.

So they begun a journey for themselves and generations yet to come…



Vinograd/Vineyard BABE
Trogir - Hrvatska - Croatia